This project is actually more of a process, and is always evolving. Currently you can download our instructions here; we are working on supporting documentation (more fully typed instructions, a list of materials, technique videos) and you are welcome to help us flesh out what is going on! Check out our wiki here to get involved.

Click here for our first poster, the sewing instructions for pants interface buttons.

Click here for a very large pdf version.

  • why a poster?
    In exploring this hybrid world of sewn circuitry, we wondered at how best to represent information to the user. All of the typical modes of sewing instruction we were used to weren't specific or technical enough, and all of the electronics modes we were used to didn't accomodate the peculiarities of sewn construction. Developing the instructions was an organic process that took place on the workbench. The instructions were amalgamated from notes & illustrations completed in many hackerspaces, many cities, many time zones.
  • why not video?
    We would like to make video tutorials for tricky bits of construction! We found overall that creating videos required more hands and more time invested, and wanted to get the ball rolling. Please visit our wiki to get involved & help make some video!